Projects in progress or in planning...

October 2017

These old fashioned web pages are becoming passe' in this new age of Facebook, et al. I decided I wouldn't bother making these presentations as there isn't much of an audience any longer. Then I realized I wouldn't have any records at all for dates and time involved in new projects. I thought I might do a paper log, but that is just as much work and not near as detailed as just keeping this web page going. So, on to projects in progress.

I've changed my approach to these pages a little. Suffice to say I have several different projects in progress and they each warrant a page.

I'm making a couple Wall Mounted Tool Cabinets.

I'm working on some infill planes. Here are my efforts to make a Gerd Fritsche A13 Smoother. Here are my efforts to build the Gerd Fritsche A7 Shoulder Plane . And if plans come to fruition, here is my attempt to make a couple A7 Style Shoulder Planes from scratch.