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Wall Mounted Tool Boxes and Gerd Friesche Hand Planes

October 2017

These old fashioned web pages are becoming passe' in this new age of Facebook, et al. I decided I wouldn't bother making these presentations as there isn't much of an audience any longer. Then I realized I wouldn't have any records at all for dates and time involved in new projects. I thought I might do a paper log, but that is just as much work and not near as detailed as just keeping this web page going. So, on to projects in progress.

I've taken over the upper foyer, as we call it. That is the area that used to be the second story of the two-story foyer we had. It is now called the upper foyer, or tool room two. There is a bookcase, window seat, and the second of the two Hamacher Schlemmer work bench/tool boxes up there now. The tool box sits on an otherwise blank wall. I wanted something to go on the wall, around the tool box, but something that would allow the tool box to open properly. I've decided on a pair of wall hung tool boxes. Here's the basic plan. They will be walnut frames similar to the HS tool box, with birdseye maple veneered panels. Uses up some more of my recent yard sale veneer purchase. The veneer looks pretty bad at first blush. Cleaned up a little and properly flattened out, it looks pretty good when glued up in panels. These panels are for the doors and the sides.

With the demise of the Shepherd Plane Company, there was no longer a maker of infill hand plane kits until I was pointed to Gerd Fritsche in Germany. He makes a range of infill planes and infill kits with good feedback in both areas. Here's a link to his page.

Having started on the wall-hung tool boxes and not having much to put in them I decided some nice infills would look good there. I ordered two kits, one a Norris A13 Smoother and the other an A7 shoulder plane. Those pictures are from the Fritsche web site. I received the kits and Gerd took pictures before he sent them. This is the smoother kit, pic1 and pic2. And this is the shoulder kit.

Now I need to keep two separate logs for the two projects.

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